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SpotOn Events knows about theatre, in fact SpotOn originally opened to support local theatres. We may have changed our name over the years, but not what we do. Working in theatre for over 15 years we have worked on many productions, from small village halls up to national large-scale tours. And most venues in between. Originally starting out as crew and helping build and decorate the sets, moving up to Lighting, then Sound and then using my skills with Video. Our Director has been Production Manager, Stage Management and Lighting on numerous UK tours and a couple of cruise ships. Now you can bring the skills gained over many years to your next production. No matter the size or budget we can work with you to supply Technical skills or crew you need.

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Royal Cort Theatre  

Past Productions.

With so many years in the industry we
have worked on many productions.
Touring, Professional theatres and
armature theatres and concerts.
What we can offer.

SpotOn Events has been working in Theatre
for many years and has skills in many areas
of stage work.
From Lighting and Sound to Stage Crew
and Stage Management and even
Production Management.
Theatre Photo Gallery.

Some photos of some of our past productions
and shows we have worked on.

Theatre Lighting Design.

Lighting Design for theatre productions,
From plays to musicals and dance shows.
SpotOn can design you a lighting rig to
suit any production. Either taking into
account a venues standard rig or
designing a show from scratch.
We have designed for one night shows
and touring productions.
Theatre Sound Design.

Theatre can be a dramatic place.
Sound effects and sound scopes can add
to the tension or add dramatic effects.
As well as simply setting the scene.
We have won awards for our theatre
sound design in the past.
From a simple one speaker
to a multi channel surround sound
system, we can design and
create any atmosphere.
Theatre Video Design.

Lighting is great for seeing the action on
stage, but there are some things
Lighting can't achieve in these cases
we add projection or screens into the
show and we have years of experience
designing video effects for use on stage.
From simply adding effects Lighting
can't achieve to taking the stage to
another location with projected windows
or backdrops.

Theatre Pyro Design

Flash, Bang, Wallop what a show.
Well we don't supply the wallop,
but we can design and supply the
flash and the bang. No matter if its for
the fairy's entrance in a panto to a gun
shot on stage or an explosion in
the trenches. We have  good knowledge
of pyros and what they can achieve
on stage.
Theatre Lighting Hire.

Moving Lights, LEDs, Spots and
Lighting Desks. We have a range
of Lighting and accessories
available to hire.
Theatre Sound Hire.

Speakers, Mixers, Amplifiers,
Microphones and Playback.
We have a range of
equipment for your production
available to hire.

Theatre Video Hire.

Projectors, Screens and Plasmas,
Cameras and Playback, We have a
range of video related equipment
available to hire.
Theatre Pyro (Control) Hire.

Once you know what you need for your
production we have all you need to rig
and fire the effects off safely. Controllers,
Pods and Cables.
Pyro Sales.

Why pay more for your bang. we get good
prices for Pyros and we can pass those
savings on to you.

Consumables Sales.

All Shows need some tape to hold them
together and batteries to power
the microphones.
We have the essentials needed
to run your

Cable Hire.

For when you just need that extra cable.
Lighting, Sound, Video and Pyro Cables.
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