SpotOn Events - Terms and Conditions

1 - General
1.1 - These Terms and Conditions apply to all events and bookings made for SpotOn Events and Sophie Curran.
1.2 - SpotOn Events is the sole provider of work carried out by Miss Sophie Curran.
1.3 - These Terms and Conditions overwrite any contravening conditions from the client.
1.4 - Sophie works exclusively for SpotOn Events
2 - Rates and Hours
2.1 - Labour is charged at a daily rate.
2.2 - A Day is classed as up to 12 hours between the hours of 6am and 12am.
2.3 - Work between 12:00am and 6:00am is charged an additional £10ph
unless a late start follows a late finish or a early finish before an early start.
22.4 - A Day (up to 12 Hours) is charged at £300 + VAT. Up to 16 Hours is £450 + VAT and up to 20 Hours is £600 + VAT.
2.5 - 20 Hours is the maximum we do.
2.6 - Travel is charged at 45p a mile from B75 6BH.
2.7 - 1 Hour's travel each way is included in a days booking, over an hour will be charged as part of the job.
2.8 - Driving a company vehicle is charged for the full journey in time.
2.9 - SpotOn will do discounted rates for Theatre jobs where they go on for multiple days/weeks.
3 - Booking
3.1 - All Bookings must be made by Email. Any verbal agreement must be backed up with an email. Emails to
3.2 - A Booking is confirmed upon receipt of an email and you will receive a response to confirm the booking.
3.3 - Once a booking is confirmed it is subject to our cancellation terms below.
3.4 - Pencilled in jobs are accepted. These can be verbal or emailed. We will hold those dates for up to 30 days, or 7 days from the event. We will contact you if any confirmed dates come in during that time.
4 - Payment
4.1 - An Invoice will be issued either during or after the job. In some cases multiple invoices will be issued.
4.2 - Any PO numbers or reference details you require on the Invoice should be submitted prior to the work commencing.
4.3 - Payment must be made within 30 days of the date of the>44.4 - If you have a payment system which will not work with our 30 days term then you must let us know so we can plan round it.
 E.g. your payments always go out on day X.
44.5 - Late Payments will be issued a £10 admin charge and 5% late fee, this will be applied when a payment is 7 days late and will be applied again every 7 days until paid. All late fees will be subject to VAT.
4.6 - If payments are not made then we will take the matter to the small claims court and additional fees will be applied to cover costs.
5 - Accommodationbr>5.1 - Accommodation must be supplied for multi day bookings over 25 miles from Birmingham.
5.2 - Accommodation must be a single room.
6 Parking
6.1 - Parking should be provided where possible, if not then parking charges will be added to the invoice.
6.2 - Any Congestion or clean air charges will be added to the invoice.
6.3 - Where possible public transport is used for all bookings in London. these train and public transport fees will be added to the invoice
7 - Food
7.1 - Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner should be supplied when working during meal times.
7.2 - Sophie is a fussy eater so likes plain food. if unavailable i.e. crew catering then ill take what I can find.
8 - Insurance
8.1 - Sophie has a £10,000,000 PLI policy with Crew Cover.
8.2 - Sophie has Comprehensive insurance on her van, This covers the van for SpotOn business use, but Sophie needs to be covered on clientpan lang's insurance to drive their vans.
8.3 - Sophie has a foot problem preventing the use of steel toe boots, doctors orders. SpotOn and Sophie will not hold anyone or company liable for any foot injury caused by not wearing>99 - Cancellation
9.1 - If Cancelling within 48 hours of the start of the original booking 100% of the job will be>99.2 - We will charge 50% of the original booking if cancelled using the calculation of Days booking x3 so 3 days @ 50% for a single day booking, 6 days for a 2 day booking and 9 days for a 3 day booking, up to 28 day's notice.
SpotOn Events - Terms and Conditions, V3.0

15th September 2023

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